Waitakere Rotary

Waitakere Rotary is involved in a number of projects in the Community, some of which are long term commitments, others vary from year to year. Rotary is an international service organisation with over 1.2 million members worldwide. Our Club is based in West Auckland and is part of District 9910 – a district that extends from West Auckland up through Vanuatu.

Can I join the Rotary Club of Waitakere?

CONTACT US for details, join us for a meeting and let’s take it from there…

Benefits of Membership:

  • Become better connected to the Waitakere Community
  • Work with others in addressing community needs
  • Interact with other professionals in your community
  • Assist with RI’s international humanitarian service efforts
  • Establish contacts with an international network of professionals
  • Develop leadership skills
  • Involve family in promoting service efforts

Club History

The Rotary Club of Te Atatu formed in 1970 and in 1993 changed its name to The Rotary Club of Waitakere City. In 2010, due to the merger of the Auckland councils, it became The Rotary Club of Waitakere.

In over 40 years the Club has been very, very active!

The web site editor’s current project is to work out how active and to show a range of highlights over the years. A full history needs a book. This is a “work in progress” that could take quite a while (and extracting photos from the boys could take even longer!) so please forgive the gaps.

1970 – 1979 The First Decade

1980 – 1989 The Second Decade

1990 – 1999 The Third Decade

2000 – 2009 The Fourth Decade

2010 – …. The Fifth Decade

Waitakere Rotary

Formed Since 1970

In the Community for the Community

Club Names over the years:

    • 2012 The Rotary Club of Waitakere Charter document
    • 1992 The Rotary Club of Waitakere City
    • 1970 The Rotary Club of Te Atatu

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Meetings are held every Wednesday at 6pm but check our calender for our latest schedule.

663 Swanson Rd, Swanson Auckland