Bulletins 2008 – June 2012

2011 to 2012 President: Craiger Hargesheimer

Bulletin Editor: Heather Pattison

June 2012

Rotary Fellowship Month

27th June 2012ChangeoverPDF - 442 KB
20th June 2012Carl McIntyre - Heart Attacks and Cardiac ArrestsPDF - 452 KB
13th June 2012Westie Wednesday: Movies and final presentation from IYE student Cecile
Also 2013 Disict Conference details
PDF - 766 KB
6th June 2012Rotary Night: Draft Strategic PlanPDF - 187 KB

May 2012

Environmental Month

30th May 2012RYLA: Hamish & ShyamPDF - 219 KB
23rd May 2012Orap School project: VanuatuPDF - 1.3 MB
16th May 2012Hon Paula Bennett MPPDF - 484 KB
9th May 2012MUNA - Carissa San DiegoPDF - 163 KB
2nd May 2012Soapbox Derby Thank You nightPDF - 271 KB

April 2012

Magazine Month

25th April 2012ANZAC Day
District 9910 Conference
PDF - 531 KB
18th April 2012ROMAC: Leigh KellyPDF - 699 KB
11th April 2012Club Night: Committee MeetingsPDF - 206 KB
4th April 2012Project Echo: Bat Conservation - Ben Paris
East Auckland SBD and NZ Finals
PDF - 685 KB

March 2012

Literacy Month

28th March 2012Rotary & I: LindaPDF - 244 KB
21st March 2012Pia Wittwer-Blaser:
Swiss-Kiwi Experience of the New York Marathon 2011
- and photos of our 9th Annual Soapbox Derby
PDF - 504 KB
14th March 2012Soapbox Derby Briefing
- and Photos of the Northcote SBD
PDF - 549 KB
7th March 2012Club NightPDF - 303 KB

February 2012

World Understanding Month

29th February 2012Karli Drummond: Otago Summer Science Forum
Dave Inglis: District Conference
PDF - 190 KB
22nd February 2012Joint Meeting with Henderson Rotary:
- Ritchies Operation Manager on RWC
PDF - 256 KB
15th February 2012John TamiherePDF - 444 KB
8th February 2012Returning IYE student Elise - and the MoviesPDF - 397 KB
1st February 2012Club NightPDF - 430 KB

January 2012

Rotary Awareness Month

25th January 2012Our IYE Student: Cecile
- The IYE South Island trip
PDF - 189 KB
18th January 2012Joint meeting with New Lynn Rotary
Speaker: PDG Merv Huxford (on Hockey)
PDF - 811 KB

December 2011

Rotary Family Month

14th December 2011Christmas PartyPDF - 750 KB
7th December 2011AGM
Massey Community Garden Working Bee Photos
PDF - 980 KB

November 2011

Rotary Foundation Month

30th November 2011Waitemata District Health Board
New Bowel Screening Program
PDF - 811 KB
23rd November 2011Amanda Bennett - Foundation for Youth DevelopmentPDF - 874 KB
16th November 2011Massey Indoor BowlingPDF - 418 KB
9th November 2011Our IYE Student: CecilePDF - 357 KB
2nd November 2011Club Night: Massey Treasure HuntPDF - 178 KB

October 2011

Vocational Services Month

26th October 2011Pupuke RotaractPDF - 505 KB
19th October 2011Rotary Rugby World Cup HostingPDF - 369 KB
2th October 2011St John - Patsy Carlyle and Glenn Metcalfe
PDF - 215 KB
5th October 2011Club Night: Kent's FarewellPDF - 585 KB

September 2011

New Generations Month

28th September 2011Pia Wittwer-Blaser: Osteopath.PDF - 302 KB
21st September 2011AGC Sunderland Speech Winners:
- Safena Te Nana-Williams
- Chase Leathand
PDF - 819 KB
14th September 2011Club NightPDF - 172 KB
7th September 2011Our IYE Student: CecilePDF - 206 KB

August 2011

Membership and Extension Month

31st August 201110 Pin BowlingPDF - 303 KB
24th August 2011Meet the Politicians:
- Hon Paula Bennett
- Hon David Cuncliffe
- Dr Don Brash
- Dr Russell Norman
PDF - 197 KB
17th August 2011Club NightPDF - 171 KB
10th August 2011Rotary District 9910 Governor: DG Brian TuckPDF - 215 KB
3rd August 2011The Akron Adventurers
2011 NZ SBD Champion Aaron Kinge back from the AASBD race in Akron
PDF - 792 KB

July 2011

No Rotary Designation

27th July 2011Tony WinterPDF - 147 KB
20th July 2011Nick SchoutenPDF - 145 KB
13th July 2011Club NightPDF - 120 KB
6th July 2011Vanuatu: Kerry & CraigerPDF - 382 KB

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2010 to 2011 President: Craiger Hargesheimer

June 2011

Rotary Fellowship Month

29nd June 2011ChangeoverPDF - 232 KB
22nd June 2011Rotary & I: DomenicPDF - 201 KB
15th June 2011Green Bean Co - "Do it yourself coffee roasting"PDF - 343 KB
8th June 2011
RYLA: Eddie TuiaviiPDF - 95 KB
1st June 2011USAR (Urban Search and Rescue) Team

PDF - 116 KB

May 2011

Environmental Month

May 2011Joint meeting with Te Atatu Lions
Rotary Districts 9910 / 9920 Challenge Camp photos
PDF - 584 KB
18th May 2011Rotary Districts 9910 / 9920 Challenge CampPDF - 355 KB
11th May 2011Rotary Summer Science Forum Students

PDF - 343 KB
4th May 2011Soapbox Derby Thank You night

PDF - 476 KB

April 2011

Magazine Month

April 2011Dr Roger Grace: Marine BiologistPDF - 97 KB
20th April 2011Movie Night
Merv Huxford
PDF - 331 KB
13th April 2011Club Night:
SBD report to Club
District 9910 conference photos
PDF - 574 KB
6th April 2011Joint Meeting with Henderson Rotary
GSE Team
PDF - 1,018 KB

March 2011

Literacy Month
World Rotaract Week

30th March 2011Soapbox Derby Debrief
Honorary Member - Penny Hulse
PDF - 613 KB
23rd March 2011Soapbox Derby Photos
PDF - 676 KB
16th March 2011 New Member Induction - Jennice & Cedric
Soapbox Derby Brief
PDF - 255 KB
9th March 2011New Member Induction - LindaPDF - 223 KB
2nd March 2011Observatory TripPDF - 228 KB

February 2011

World Understanding Month

23rd February 2011PDG Merv Huxford: The Rotary FoundationPDF - 696 KB
16th February 2011Rotary & I: Patrick
DGN Lindsay Ford
PDF - 419 KB
9th February 2011Tony Rigg: Health and Safety PDF - 702 KB
2nd February 2011Linda Shaw: Massey MattersPDF - 109 KB

January 2011

Rotary Awareness Month

26th January 2011Club NightPDF - 641 KB
19th January 2011New Lynn Rotary: Joint Meeting
PDF - 191 KB

December 2010

Rotary Family Month

22nd December 2010Rotary NewsPDF - 93 KB
15th December 2010Christmas PartyPDF - 363 KB
8th December 2010Annual General Meeting
PDF - 592 KB
1st December 2010David Clendon: The Proposed Auckland CBD Rail Link
PDF - 334 KB

November 2010

Rotary Foundation Month World Interact Week

24th November 2010Robson Tavita: T.Y.M.S. Tuilaepa Mentoring TrustPDF - 462 KB
17th November 2010Whangaparaoa Rotarians on their trip to VanuatuPDF - 990 KB
10th November 2010WONS - Yvonne Jellie
& Rutherford Summer Science Forum Students
PDF - 395 KB
3rd November 2010Westwind Movie Night
Westwind Movie Night

October 2010

Vocational Services Month

27th October 2010Club NightPDF - 577 KB
20th October 2010Club Night: Soapbox Derby PlanningPDF - 132 KB
13th October 2010Betty Favel: Winton Rotary Club
PDF - 522 KB
6th October 2010Rotary & I: BobPDF - 989 KB

September 2010

New Generations Month

29th September 2010MP Tim Groser - Minister for Trade
- Joint meeting at New Lynn Rotary
PDF - 312 KB
22nd September 2010Dick Berry - AA Driving DefensivelyPDF - 690 KB
15th September 2010Barry de GeestPDF - 358 KB
8th September 2010John Riddell - Super City and boundaries PDF - 461 KB
1st September 2010DG Maxine Neighbour
And our returning SBD champion - Henry Dyer
PDF - 460 KB

August 2010

Membership and Extension Month

25th August 2010Mid Winter Christmas PartyPDF - 185 KB
18th August 2010Martin Anscombe
Community Mapping Workshop
PDF - 519 KB
11th August 2010Di Jennings:
Community Economic Development
PDF - 342 KB
4th August 2010Charlie Inngs:
WCC Strategic Advisor on new ward boundries
PDF - 359 KB

July 2010

28th July 2010Community Waitakere PDF - 1,091 KB
21st July 2010- Frances Murphy - Outward Bound
- Tribute to John Ritchie
- 73rd All American Soapbox Derby Race Week
PDF - 523 KB
14th July 2010Thea Poole - Cake CouturePDF - 386 KB
7th July 2010GSE Team PDF - 119 KB

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2009 to 2010 Presidents: Terry Hodges/Craiger Hargesheimer

June 2010

Fellowship Month

30th June 2010ChangeoverPDF - 282 KB
23rd June 2010RYLA and Outward BoundPDF - 613 KB
16th June 2010Club Night
Rotary & I: Mike
PDF - 124 KB
9th June 2010John Schipper – Davis Funeral HomePDF - 412 KB
3rd June 2010Theatre trip to see "Sylvia"PDF - 297 KB

May 2010

Environmental Month

28th May 2010Waitakere City Rotary - 40th BirthdayPDF - 323 KB
19th May 2010Rotary & I: JimPDF - 500 KB
12th May 2010Kerry - update on the repairs of the Water Tank in VanuatuPDF - 862 KB
5th May 2010Hew InductionPDF - 156 KB

April 2010

Magazine Month

28th April 2010Soapbox Derby Thank YouPDF - 275 KB
21st April 2010Ian Grant - Parents IncPDF - 904 KB
14th April 2010- Group Study Exchange Team from Rotary District 1760 South France (Marseille)
- SBD Finals win
PDF - 538 KB
7th April 2010Rotary & I: RogerPDF - 198 KB

March 2010

Literacy Month

31st March 2010Fellowship night at the movies
Westwind Theatre - Avondale
PDF - 301 KB
24th March 2010Soapbox Derby de-brief - with some great feedback about the derbyPDF - 672 KB
17th March 2010Soapbox Derby brief - and Monique with her German TV camera crewPDF - 680 KB
10th March 2010Helicopter Rescue Base
Geoff Dainty - ROMAC
PDF - 604 KB
3rd March 2010Rod OramPDF - 1.2 MB

February 2010

World Understanding Month

23rd February 2010John Wordsworth
Hobsonville Motorway Walk Photos
PDF - 1.3 MB
17th February 2010Jack Young - Rotary IYE Student
- Jack went to Sweden for a year through our student exchange program and came home thinking in "Swenglish" with great tales of his travels
PDF - 428 KB
10th February 2010Bill Boyd - Past President of Rotary International
- Bill filled us in on the erradicating Polio programme; how it started, progressed, and where it is now
PDF - 388 KB
3rd February 2010Committee Meetings
Detailed calendar for next 2 months
PDF - 388 KB

December 2009

Family of Rotary Month

9th December 2009AGM
Christmas Party Photos
Light Up Waitakere Sponsorship Details
PDF - 851 KB
2nd December 2009Henderson Santa ParadePDF - 324 KB

November 2009

Rotary Foundation Month

25th November 2009Foundation Dinner
Joint meeting with West Harbour Rotary
PDF - 308 KB
18th November 2009Vocational Trip to Civil DefencePDF - 174 KB
11th November 2009Committee Reports
Ross on his trip to Samoa
PDF - 172 KB
4th November 2009Sound Classroom - Chris and Clare
Waitakere City / New Lynn meeting
PDF - 334 KB

October 2009

Vocational Services Month

28th October 2009John TamiherePDF - 80 KB
21st October 2009Committee MeetingsPDF - 132 KB
14th October 2009Henderson Rotary - HEBPDF - 336 KB
7th October 2009Outward BoundPDF - 220 KB

September 2009

New Generations Month

30th September 2009Fellowship NightPDF - 61 KB
23rd September 2009Jim Hainey
16th September 2009Bill Potter
9th September 2009Logan: Rotaract
Kerry: Motor homing in America
2nd September 2009Judge Blackie on life on Pitcairn Island

August 2009

Membership and Extension Month

26th August 2009Committee Meetings
19th August 2009Ken Ring
12th August 2009The Hon John Key
5th August 2009DG Georges Giovannelli

July 2009

29th July 2009Club Assembly
22nd July 2009Changeover
15th July 2009Patrick Howard: Website
7th July 2009Shane Primrose – Scout Leader - Kereru Massey Scout Group
1st July 2009Rotary & I: Heather

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2008 to 2009 Presidents: Terry Hodges

June 2009

Fellowship Month

24th June 2009Kerry on Vanuatu
17th June 2009Matipo School: Trees for Survival
10th June 2009Doug from Matipo School on Trees for Survival
3rd June 2009Committee Meetings

May 2009

Environmental Month

27th May 2009
20th May 2009Vanuatu Planning
13th May 2009Fellowship Night: Movies
6th May 2009MUNA: Caitlin Hargesheimer and Alice

April 2009

Magazine Month

28th April 2009Golf Tournament
22nd April 2009Jenny Allen and Ed Johnson
14th April 2009Joint Meeting: New Lynn
8th April 2009Shelly Mackay, Events manager for the Mystics
1st April 2009Margaret Hudson from Hospice

March 2009

Literacy Month

25th March 2009Committee Meetings
18th March 2009Marie Hasler
11th March 2009John Wadsworth CEO Waitakere Enterprise
4th March 2009Kerry on the Soapbox Derby

February 2009

World Understanding Month

25th Feb 2009Derek Gee: Rotary Education
18th Feb 2009Paul Young (Jack’s Dad) and
Richard George (GSE)
11th Feb 2009Exchange students,
Amanda from Vanuatu
4th Feb 2009Rotarian Nic Bennett

January 2009

Rotary Awareness Month

28th Jan 2009Directors' Updates
18th Jan 2009Combined Meeting: West Harbour, New Lynn and Kumeu

December 2008

Rotary Family Month

17th Dec 2008Christmas Party
10th Dec 2008AGM
3rd Dec 2008GSE: Richard George

November 2008

Rotary Foundation Month

26th Nov 2008Merv Huxford – Past District Governor
19th Nov 2008Roi Stephens – Junior Neighbourhood Support
12th Nov 2008Elena and Lee: cochlear implants
5th Nov 2008Guy Fawkes Night

October 2008

Vocational Services Month

29th Oct 2008Fellowship Night: Movies
22nd Oct 2008Committee Meetings
15th Oct 2008Adrienne Wigmore from Devonport Rotary
Neil Reid, District Governor
Simon Wickham, CEO of The Trusts
8th Oct 2008Chris Reid – world champion sailor
1st Oct 2008Craiger on golf

September 2008

New Generations Month

24th Sept 2008Committee Meetings
17th Sept 2008Chris Carter MP and Andrew Burt - Labour
Paula Bennett MP – National
David Clendon and Lindis – Greens candidate
Craig McNair – NZ First – Former MP and current candidate
Peter Tashkoff – Act candidate
Denise Krum – United Future President
10th Sept 2008Sergeant Mark Veale and Mr Holly Kairua from the Police Bluelight on the Wahine Toa programme
3rd Sept 2008John and Valerie Hargraves from the Sensible Sentencing Trust

August 2008

Membership and Extension Month

27th August 2008Committee Meetings
20th August 2008Club Assembly
13th August 2008District Governor: Neil Reid
6th August 2008Speaker:
Darian Smith and Sue
- Arthritis Institute, Waitakere

July 2008

30th July 2008Barbi Attwood
- Parachute Instructor, Warrant Officer and Operations Officer for 40 Squadron - RNZAF -Whenuapai
23rd July 2008Committee Meetings
16th July 2008Derek Gee
8th July 2008Fellowship Night: Movies
2nd July 2008Directors' Updates

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