A unique strength of Rotary is enjoying ourselves whilst “Making a Difference in Our World”

This enjoyment comes from

  • Listening and learning from great speakers
  • Joint meetings with other Clubs and organizations
  • Taking a hands on approach to various projects: local community garden, completing an Aid Station in Vanuatu…
    Putting the “Fun” into Fundraising
  • A few fellowship nights during the year where we quite simply enjoy each other’s company and bring family and guests

At the 2006 Changeover our resident poet Derek showed how well we know each other:

Monique thought she couldn’t be the president of Rotary But now she has, and done it well She says she’d like another spell

She likes to boss the men around And if we’re silly Billies she says she’ll get her needle out and tattoo all our…. arms about

Roger Froe’s the nicest here that’s cause he often buys me beer He’s always smiling, never shitty and says “I come from Lisbon City”

He takes our money, keeps the books and than he reads the roll He’s so much bigger than he looks This man from Portugal

Pete Smith runs a law firm We all know what they do They make a lot of money out of folks like me & you

I’m just a poor old pensioner So if he wants to sue I’ll end up in his paddocks picking up his horses poo

Dave Butler loves his Beemer He thinks it’s rather sleek But see his windscreen sticker and you’ll find that it’s antique

He’s given up the drawing board Decided to retire with feet up on his suppliser sitting by the fire

Mike Angland has a Beemer the top end of their line This year he was our sergeant the master of the fine

Don’t ever trust a sergeant They’re slimier than snakes They’ll try to find a fine for you no matter what it takes

Don’t talk to sergeants at the bar Don’t sit by them at table But dob your fellow members in whenever you are able


This year saw captain Greybeard appear on our TV’s Being chased by lots of coppers but he dodged them all with ease

They chasedhim down to Devonport in his Amphibi Jeep Where he splashed into the water and drove off into the deep

Shirley Wakeling is a gem She always does our flowers And when you see the work in them it must take hours & hours

She sets them in oasis blocks to keep them nice & wet They really do her credit and we’re deeply in her debt

Theo’s really down to earth he never struts or poses He earns an honest living growing lots & lots of roses

He takes them off to market to sell them at their peak But the prize of Van Liers roses is his lovely wife Monique


Graham’s been around some time He’s not a new arrival He’s chosen as his project doing schools Trees for Survival

Wife Karyn does the Soapbox food Some lovely things she makes And they have us round to their place for a breakfast of pancakes

Craiger is a builder a laid back sort of guy He gave a great talk to the club on Rotary & I

His seconds name’s Hargesheimer What sort of name is that I’d make a joke about it but he may knock me flat

There’s one that I must mention here At all club functions he’ll be there Enthusiasm hard to matchthat one of course is Peter Hatch

Tom Pearce has a camper van That’s really very flash It cost a bloody fortune but Tom isn’t short of cash

I spoke to him the other day when he’d been for a spin He said I need a bigger one to get more woman in

John Ritchie is a businessman He very seldom cusses He must be good at what he does He’s got 600 buses

With Kerry Mac & Angie Babe they make the Soapbox flow Its just as well they do it cause that’s where we make most dough

Simon runs this whole complex He’s quite an up and doer He overseas some big events like fights for David Tua

He works in close with Bonifants to get us special deals But this must be his weak point cause they’ve just priced up our meals

In my last Poetry reading I had a tale to tell of Jack Riddell & Domenic and how the two might gel

For Domenic from Italy and Jack was there once too Had Hankie Pankie in his Tankie during World war II

To say that they’re related we’ll never know I fear But have you ever noticed that they both have too much hair

Bob Benzie loves his Rotary He’s always bright & sunny But since they made him treasurer the club’s run out of money

I don’t know if that’s really true or if the system sux But for the last 2 months or so he’s owed me 60 bucks

Jim Annison a man of class His company makes things of glass and mirrors for above your bed that won’t fall down & hit your head

Tonight’s a special night for Jim Our president will now be him The chain of office around his neck Tell bob to write me out my cheque

Tonight we have a plumber here Goes by the name of Lance Don’t turn up when he says he will He’ll lead you quite a dance

He’ll always give you some excuse the way that plumbers can I really would have been there but the wheel fell of my van

Now there’s a man with the perfect head

Rod Stevens off his crutches now You may have heard him boast He’s just obtained a contract to deliver rural post

He’ll drive around the countryside And when the day is done we’ll all have had our letters and our junk mail by the ton

Rosemary is a pharmacist dispensing pills & balm I always thought a pharmacist was one who read your palm

She recently joined Rotary And if it’s her intent to stay the course, I think some day
she’ll be our president

Terry Hodges is a wag A travel man he is He organizes trips for folkby land and air and sea

He’s going to be our sergeant And when we’re fined, you’ll see he’ll want to add insurance Airport tax and GST

I hope I Haven’t bored you by going on too long Believe me that my poetry is better than my song

For those of you not mentioned I beg you, don’t dismay I’ll get to know you better And there’ll be another day when I sit at my desk again some poetry to write But in the meantime boys & girls I bid you all Goodnight

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