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Soapbox Derby 2010

Our 7th annual Soapbox Derby was held on Sunday 21st March 2010 at Westgate Drive in Waitakere City.

The soapbox derby cars are all built to a standard design and 76 of our local West Auckland school children, aged between 10 and 16, raced these down the road. Speeds reached 55km per hour (we know this because our friendly Bluelight team came with speed cameras to clock them!) and racing was intense

It was a fantastic day and a lot of fun for all involved.

All profits from the event to be returned to our local community via Rotary projects.

All American 73rd SBD Finals - Akron

Race week for the 2010 AASBD Finals runs from Monday Monday 19th July to Saturday 24th July (Tuesday through Sunday our time).

Information on the Event is available at:

Henry has already appeared in a major Beacon article entitled Long trip worth effort for New Zealand teen racer

The Rodney Times also printed an article on the Akron Race on 17th August 2010

Radar's Patch

Te Radar spent time following the Riverhead team around for a segment in Episode 7 of Radar's Patch (7pm Sundays on TV1). It is possitively amazing how many hours, days and weeks of filming go into producing a 5 minute segment of film!

Check it out on TV OnDemand There are two segments - one in Chapter 1 on pre-race preparation, the other on Race Day in Chapter 3.

1st Place winner Henry Dyer with close second John Tulloch.

1st Place:
Henry Dyer
Riverhead School
Metro Roofing car

2nd Place:
John Tulloch

Riverhead School
Metro Roofing Car

3rd Place:
Zach Hinton
Waitakere Primary
Airfoam/First National/FBN/Waitakere Ratepayers and Residents Car

NZ Finals Results

The NZ Finals were held on Saturday 10th April 2010

The winner of the 2010 Soapbox Derby, a Waitakere City Rotary boy, is off to America in July to compete in the World Finals of the All American Soapbox Derby

19 drivers from 5 different Rotary Clubs competed in the 1st set of races. From these the fastest 8 drivers were selected for the 2nd, and final, set of races.

Race 2 - Final Results - The fastest 8 drivers

Race 1 - Results - All drivers

Due to the impossibility of calibrating the lanes perfectly the drivers race twice - once in each lane - and the scores are totalled to determine rank order.

Drivers must complete both races in order to progress to the next round. The individual race results follow:

Race 2B

Race 2A

Race 1B

Race 1A

Waitakere Local Race Results

Due to the impossibility of calibrating the lanes perfectly the drivers race twice - once in each lane - and the scores are totalled to determine rank order

Local Finals Results
The top 4 drivers proceed to the NZ SBD Finals

Race 1 and Race 2 Combined Results

Following are the times for the first two races. The left lane was slightly faster than the right lane.

Race 1 Results

Race 2 Results

Technology Prize Winner

(NOTES: Sound track changed due to You Tube copyright issues.

Also available for view on You Tube )

Newspaper Articles

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Check out our 2010 Soapbox Derby Brochure for information and contacts to see how YOU can become involved with this project.

The brochure shows what is involved, who sponsor this, where the money goes and a brief history of how this event started in America. It also has plenty of photos from last year.

School Start Information

New to the soapbox derby? Not sure what is involved? This is a guide to the school requirements.

All American Soapbox Derby
Rules and Information

The winner of the NZ Soapbox Derby Final goes to Akron in the USA to compete in the International Race in the All American Soapbox Derby.

The kit set cars are imported from America and our races are run under American rules.


Newsletter #8 13th April 2010
Finals info and photos

Newsletter #7 24th March 2010
Race Day Thank You

Safety Brief 18th March 2010
Summary of Safety Brief

Newsletter #6 17th March 2010
Advance Race Draw, Site Plan, Car check/Safety Brief info, TV camera photos

Newsletter #5 10th March 2010
Latest updates and practice sites

Newsletter #4 1st March 2010
Alternative practise site, more TV coverage

Newsletter #3 24th February 2010
Info on steps to take, sponsors, practice site and food stalls

Newsletter #2 9th February 2010
First newsletter of year with guide to schools on event - and details of Video Competition

Newsletter #1 November 2009
Establishing contact between schools, sponsors and the Rotary SBD Team

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