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Soapbox Derby 2011

Our 8th Annual Soapbox Derby was held on Sunday 20th March 2011.

Photos of the New Zealand Soapbox Derbies, including ours, are available on the
2011 SBD Finals page

The Soapbox Derby is not only our Rotary Club's major fund raiser for the year but also a fantastic event for local children and it attracts huge support from our community.

New schools and sponsors are always welcome.

For details contact:


Waitakere Local Race Results

Due to the impossibility of calibrating the lanes perfectly the drivers race twice - once in each lane - and the scores are totalled to determine rank order

Local Finals Results
12 drivers raced - the top 6 drivers proceed to the NZ SBD Finals in April

Race 1 and Race 2 Combined Results

Following are the times for the first two races. The left lane was slightly faster than the right lane.

Race 1 Results

Race 2 Results

All races Times (sorted by Race 1 and 2 combined results)

BROCHURE: Our 2011 Brochure is available now. Expressions of interest from Schools and Sponsors are welcome

AASBD: We run the races under the AASBD rules. The rules, and further information, are available at:

NZ RULES: We have a few local rules to deal with local conditions. These need to be read in conjunction with the AASBD rules

NZ RULES - Safety Addition

SCHOOL START INFO: New to the derby? No idea where to start? A Guide for Schools

MASTERS CAR RACE: This year there will be a demonstration Masters Car Race run by the NZ AASBD Trust with the 4 or 5 Masters car here in NZ. The rules for this are here


To ensure the day goes well we have strict rules in place for safety.

All drivers attend a compulsory Safety Briefing prior to the race. The information they are given is summarized in our Safety Brief

(updated 10th March - change to parking)


Sunday 20 March
Waitakere Rotary
Westgate Drive, Massey

Sunday 27 March
East Auckland Rotary
Stonefields Road, St Johns

Saturday 2 April
Northcote Rotary
Kaipatiki Road, Glenfield

Saturday 9 April
Whangaparaoa Rotary
Brightside Road, Stanmore Bay

Sunday 10 April
NZ Final: Whangaparaoa
Brightside Road, Stanmore Bay


Newsletter #1: 7th February 2011
First newsletter of year with a guide to schools on the event - and details of the Video Competition

Newsletter #2:24th February 2011

  • Practice site details


Newsletter #3: 3rd March 2011

  • Thursday 10th March: Car Scruitineering and Driver Safety Brief
  • Request for driver’s names
  • Details on a second practice site
  • Sticker info
  • Food Stalls


Newsletter #4: 13th March 2011

  • Race Draw
  • Sponsor names
  • Race Day times
  • Site Map


Newsletter #5: 22nd March 2011

  • Thank you


Newsletter #6: 12th April 2011

  • NZ Finals

Newsletter #7: 23rd August 2011

  • Rugby World Cup Soapbox Derby
  • Akron Race
  • SBD 2012


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