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Soapbox Derby 2013



Race Results are on our Finals Page

Waitakere Rotary Soapbox Derby 2013

The West Auckland 10th Annual Soapbox Derby will be held on Sunday 17th March 2013.

The Soapbox Derby is a fantastic event for local children attracting huge support from our community. Photos of the 2012 races are available here 

5 Rotary Clubs run All American Soapbox Derby races followed by a NZ Final race. The New Zealand Champion then gets to race again in July - in the World Championship in Akron, Ohio.

Race results and photos from all races are being added to the Finals page as they become available

New schools and sponsors are always welcome.

For details contact:

2013 Soapbox Derby Brochure

AASBD: We run the races under the AASBD rules. The rules, and further information, are available at:

NZ Rules: We have a few local NZ Rules
<Last update 29/1/13> to deal with local conditions. These need to be read in conjunction with the AASBD rules.

School Start Info: New to the derby? No idea where to start?
A Guide for Schools

Food Stalls checklist

Masters Car Race: This year there will be a demonstration Masters Car Race run by the NZ AASBD Trust with the 7 Masters car here in NZ. The rules for this are here

Corporate Cars: We have two cars suitable for adults to drive. First choice goes to Principals and Sponsors. Other parents and teachers may also "have a go" if time allows

Superkids Cars: Watch this space...

Trolley Idea: Find the cars heavy to push around? Errol came up with a trolley cart idea

Our excellent suppliers:

From street signs to car signs Jeff is a creative genius

In2it Trust

In2it Trust are providing low cost street games so that we can offer them FREE for kids to use.



Winner of the NZRPG Prize: A parent at Whenuapai School

Newsletter #7 10th April 2013

  • SBD Thank You Night
  • Waitakere Race
  • NZ Finals
  • Video Award


Newsletter #6 19th March 2013

  • Plan B:
    Details for the joint race with Northcote


Newsletter #5 17th March 2013

  • A report on our day - rain cancellation
  • Proposed “where to from here?”
  • Breakfast TV photos
  • Feedback

Newsletter #4: 12th March 2013

  • Details of TV One Breakfast Show. This is on FRIDAY
    (And for those who can’t make it – don’t forget to watch it)


Derby Details:

  • In2it Street Trust will be running some amazing games on the grass area. These are FREE for kids to use!
  • Sponsor updates
  • Stall updates


Newsletter #3: 8th March 2013

  • Westgate Prize (significant – bring your friends and families!)
  • In2it Street Games
  • Safety Day photos
  • Derby Parking – Salvation Army for secure parking for a gold coin donation
  • Race Day Timeline
  • Map for pit crews, stalls etc
  • Safety reminder
  • Driver’s registration forms. Needed by WEDNESDAY at the latest!
  • Car Stickers
  • Sponsors
  • Corporate Cars
  • Video Award
  • Super Kid Cars
  • Food stalls/carnival ideas

Newsletter #2: 4th March 2013
Contents include:

  • Compulsory Safety Briefing – THIS THURSDAY 4pm to 6pm at the Moselle Avenue Testing Station
  • Link to Driver’s Registration form – if possible can I have these on Thursday?
  • SBD Workshop – We’ve put fine tuning training in the hands of our Expert. Those who have done it have come back saying they have learnt a lot!
  • Practice Track
  • Schools and Sponsors to date
  • Corporate Cars – Who wants to drive one?
  • Video Award – involve the kids
  • Super Kids cars – the test run was in the weekend and it performed exceptionally well.
  • Carnival Ideas – do you have any?
  • Food Stalls


Newsletter #1: 13th February 2013
Contents include:

  • Key Dates
  • First Steps
  • Practice Request (!!)
  • First Practice Site
  • Workshop info
  • School sponsor & Food lists
  • Carnival Ideas


2011 SBD Video

2010 Rotary SBD Video


Every year we make a short video of the Derby to upload to You Tube and our website. A Rotary Only video is... boring. We therefore seek input from the children involved to really make it interesting. And we offer PRIZES to all entrants!

LENGTH: 3 minutes

FORMAT: Suitable for upload to You Tube

CONTENT: Can contain video, slideshows of photos, logos, art work, interviews, voiceovers, music...
Let your imagination run wild!

LOCATIONS: School, Practice Days, Scruitineering and drivers safety briefing day
... Where your car goes take a camera/video camera

SPONSORS: Sponsors are important - without them we can't have a Derby.
The Trusts and your own sponsor(s) provide the money to allow you to race - include their logos and help us promote them.

DEADLINE: Finish it by the end of Term 1 and post it so we get it by Wednesday 24th April 2013.

PRIZES: These will be awarded at our Thank You Night in Term 2.

We have two types of logos for you to use. Pick which set you want to use:

Logo on a black 720 x 576 screen



Soapbox Derby Dates 2013
Mon, Jan 28 1st term begins Sat, Feb 02 Sun, Feb 03
Sat, Feb 09 Sun, Feb 10
Sat, Feb 16 Sun, Feb 17
Sat, Feb 23 Sun, Feb 24
Sat, Mar 02 Sun, Mar 03
Sat, Mar 09 Sun, Mar 10 Auckland East SBD
Sat, Mar 16 Sun, Mar 17 Waitakere SBD
Sat, Mar 23 Northcote SBD Sun, Mar 24

Thu, Mar 29

Mon, Apr 01

Easter weekend Sat, Mar 30 Sun, Mar 31
Sat, Apr 06 Whangaparaoa SBD Sun, Apr 07 NZ SBD Finals at Whangaparaoa
Sat, Apr 13 Sun, Apr 14
Fri, Apr 19 1st term ends
Sat, July 27
AASBD world finals in Akron, Ohio


Interested in other types of soapbox derbies or gravity events?
Check out our Soapbox Links page

Membership enquires welcome. Contact us for more information on how to join this fantastic Rotary World!

AASBD Newsletter

The 2012 New Zealand team had a Front page write up in their November Newsletter

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