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Soapbox Derby 2015




All race results

Drivers race twice in a race marked A and B - once in one lane, again in the other.
These times are added together for the race result

The winner of Race 3 (last page) is our NZ Champion


West Auckland Final Results

Finalist Results

1st Race Totals

Race 1A
Race 1B


The West Auckland 12th Annual Soapbox Derby will be held on Sunday 15th March 2015.

3 Rotary Clubs run All American Soapbox Derby races followed by a NZ Final race. The New Zealand Champion then gets to race again in July - in the World Championship in Akron, Ohio.

New schools and sponsors are always welcome.

For details contact:






  • 2015 Safety Briefing (to come)

  • Practice checklist
  • Food Stalls checklist

  • Waitakere Rotary Health & Safety Council approved Plan (to come)
  • Lost Child Procedure


Newsletter #5 29/3/15
Contents include:


  • New Zealand Finals photos and results


Newsletter #4 19th March 2015
Contents include:

  • NZ Finals - Sunday 29th March 2015 at Whangaparaoa
  • Our Waitakere Finalists
  • Photos
  • 2 Western Leader articles - one before the race, one after


Newsletter #3 10th March 2015

Contents include:

  • Derby date - this Sunday, 15th March
  • Request for remaining drivers' registration forms
  • If you need any stickers...
  • Food Stalls
  • Derby Day Parking
  • Practice reminder
  • Superkids cars
  • Race Day Timeline
  • Personal Check List
  • Site map
  • In2it Street games will be there
  • Rain Date


Newsletter #2 25th February 2015

Contents include:

  • Safety Day: Thursday 5th March at the Moselle Avenue Testing Station
  • Derby dates: Waitakere is Sunday 15th March 2015
  • A request for drivers' registration forms
  • A request for Safe Practices
  • Food stall requests
  • Video Award reminder


Newsletter #1 10th February 2015

Contents include:

  • Key Dates
  • First Steps
  • Practice request!!
  • Carnival ideas



Every year we make a short video of the Derby to upload to You Tube and our website. A Rotary Only video is... boring. We therefore seek input from the children involved to really make it interesting. And we offer PRIZES to all entrants!

LENGTH: Approx 3 minutes

FORMAT: Suitable for upload to You Tube

CONTENT: Can contain video, slideshows of photos, logos, art work, interviews, voiceovers, music...
Let your imagination run wild!
(and check your choice of music is allowed on YouTube!)

LOCATIONS: School, Practice Days, Scruitineering and drivers safety briefing day
... Where your car goes take a camera/video camera

SPONSORS: Sponsors are important - without them we can't have a Derby.
The Trusts and your own sponsor(s) provide the money to allow you to race - include their logos and help us promote them.

DEADLINE: Finish it by the end of Term 1 (if doing it at school) or by Friday 10th April (at the latest!), put it on YouTube and send me the link.

If you would prefer to post a copy contact for address details and post it so we get it by Friday 10th April 2015

PRIZES: These will be awarded at our Thank You Night in Term 2.

We have two types of logos for you to use. Pick which set you want to use:

Logo on a black 720 x 576 screen



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