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Soapbox Derby 2012

The West Auckland 9th Annual Soapbox Derby was held on Sunday 18th March 2012.

The Soapbox Derby is a fantastic event for local children attracting huge support from our community. Photos of the 2011 races are available here

New schools and sponsors are always welcome.

For details contact:

Race Results

West Auckland Finalists

Race 1 & Race 2 Combined Total

Race 2 Results

Race 1 Results

BROCHURE: Our 2012 Brochure is available now. Expressions of interest from Schools and Sponsors are welcome

FLIER: We have also produced a summary Flier for sponsorship purposes

AASBD: We run the races under the AASBD rules. The rules, and further information, are available at:

NZ RULES: We have a few local NZ 2012 Rules <Last update 9/2/12> to deal with local conditions. These need to be read in conjunction with the AASBD rules.

NZ RULES - Safety Addition

SCHOOL START INFO: New to the derby? No idea where to start? A Guide for Schools

MASTERS CAR RACE: This year there will be a demonstration Masters Car Race run by the NZ AASBD Trust with the 4 or 5 Masters car here in NZ. The rules for this are here


Sunday 18 March
9am to 2:30pm
Waitakere Rotary SBD
Westgate Drive, Massey

Saturday 24 March
9am start
Whangaparaoa Rotary SBD
Brightside Road, Stanmore Bay

Saturday 31 March
9am start
East Auckland Rotary SBD
Stonefields Road, St Johns

Sunday 1 April 
9am start
NZ Final: East Auckland Rotary
Stonefields Road, St Johns

Thursday 5 May
Complete and post your Video Entries

Wednesday 2 May
Soapbox Derby Thank You Night


Results from the earlier races, as they become available, are here


Newsletter #6: 5th April 2012

Contents include:

  • NZ Finals
  • Thank You night details


Newsletter #5: 23rd March 2012

Contents include:

  • A big Thank You to all who made it such a successful day
  • Our West Auckland Finalists
  • Photos and Results are on our website
  • Thank You night on Wed 2nd May
  • Schools, Sponsors and cars
  • NZ Finals on Sunday 1st April


Newsletter #4: 11th March 2012
Contents include:

  • Reminder about safety checks
  • Derby Day Parking
  • Race Day Timeline
  • A map of the site
  • Reminder about Driver’s Registration forms and race order lists
  • Birth Certificates – required for Finalists only
  • Stickers needed?
  • Food stalls?
  • Video Award
  • Corporate cars


Newsletter #3: 1st March 2012
Contents include:

  • Compulsory SBD Safety Day – Thursday 8th March
  • Request for Drivers’ registration forms
  • Reminder about the SBD workshop – Friday 9th March
  • Another practice site
  • Widening of the drivers for the Corporate Cars


Newsletter #2: 7th February 2012
Contents include:

  • Key Dates
  • First Steps
  • Practice Request (!!)
  • First Practice Site
  • Workshop info
  • School sponsor & Food lists
  • Carnival Ideas

Newsletter #1: 28th November 2011
Establishing contact between the schools, sponsors and Rotary SBD teams.


2011 SBD Video

2010 Rotary SBD Video

2010 Waitakere Primary Video
(NOTE: Music changed for You Tube copyright reasons)


Every year we make a short  video of the Derby to upload to You Tube and our website. A Rotary Only video is... boring. We therefore seek input from the children involved to really make it interesting. And we offer PRIZES to all entrants!

LENGTH: 3 minutes

FORMAT: Suitable for upload to You Tube

CONTENT: Can contain video, slideshows of photos, logos, art work, interviews, voiceovers, music...
Let your imagination run wild!

LOCATIONS: School, Practice Days, Scruitineering and drivers safety briefing day
... Where your car goes take a camera/video camera

SPONSORS: Sponsors are important - without them we can't have a Derby.
The Trusts and your own sponsor(s) provide the money to allow you to race - include their logos and help us promote them.

DEADLINE: Finish it by the end of Term 1 and post it so we get it by Wednesday 11th April 2012.

PRIZES: These will be awarded at our Thank You Night in Term 2.

We have two types of logos for you to use. Pick which set you want to use:

Logo on a black 720 x 576 screen




Membership enquires welcome. Contact us for more information on how to join this fantastic Rotary World!

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