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Rotaract Club




Who we are looking for?

  • Young professionals 18 to 30
  • Committed and enthusiastic members

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  • Fortnightly club meetings
  • Day and time - you decide e.g. Breakfast, lunch, evening club?
  • Monthly committee meeting

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  • Professional yet relaxed environment
  • Boardroom/round table?
  • Cafe/restaurant?
  • School?

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  • Community - local/international

    Aim: Identify and address the needs of the community
    • Develop a working relationship with community groups and government agencies.
    • Advocacy role - voice of mature youth
    • Create community profile
    • People-power for fundraising events
    • Working on joint projects with Rotary
    Possible Projects:
    • City Mission/Youthtown/Salvation Army
    • Official collectors e.g. Cancer Society, Blind Foundation, Woman's Refuge
    • Environmental projects e.g. Tree planting, clean-ups
    • "Mucking In"/"Rotaract Angels"
    • Charity Auction
    Guest Speakers - Community focus

    Aim: Identify and address the needs of the international community/ Promoting international peace, understanding and goodwill
    • Form relationships with overseas Rotaract clubs e.g. Sydney City, Suva, Louisiana
    • Promote International & cross-cultural awareness e.g. International dinners, Rotaract exchange team
    • Provision of overseas aid e.g. Emergency boxes, Books in Homes, Rotahomes, medical supplies

  • Professional Development

    Aim: Develop professional, business and life skills of members

    • Guest Speakers - Vocational skills focus
    • Site visits eg. Art Gallery, Police, TVNZ, Radio Station, Cadbury, Coca Cola, Coast Guard
    • Vocational workshops/Ongoing courses eg. Financial planning, time management, career planning, public speaking, defensive driving, wine appreciation, first aid, property investment, self-defense, ceroc dancing, cooking
    • Sharing skills of members - "Expertise"

    Club services - Administration, social and finance


    Aim: Effective club administration - operating a non-profit organization/incorporated society

    • Communication e.g. Membership egroup, monthly club bulletin
    • Officer training and succession planning
    • Strong membership development - recruitment and retention
    • Marketing initiatives e.g. T-shirts, brochures and posters, business cards


    Aim: HAVE FUN!!! Meet new people, network

    • Weekend/Out of town getaways
    • Social Outings e.g. Parties, BBQ's, Themed evenings, go-karting, ten pin bowling, rock climbing, indoor sports (form a team), film evenings, wine trails, camping & tramping, race meetings, quiz nights, golf tournaments, polo
    • Inner-club events & competitions
    • Team building activities
    • Rotary/Rotaract competitions e.g. Mini-golf, debates, sporting team, lawn bowls
    • Appoint a "What's Up" person


    • Devise ways and means of raising funds for club and community purposes
    • Create sponsorship opportunities (community projects, membership benefits)
    • Responsible financial management of all club activities and projects

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  • Identify a core group of committed charter members to organize the Club
  • Identify the interests and strengths in order to allocate suitable positions
  • Devise a budget and annual business plan

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The Waitakere Rotary Club
Bob Benzie
Phone: 021 434 611


Waitakere Rotary

Formed Since 1970

In the Community for the Community

Community/Waitakere: In the Community for the Community

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