Our Club currently provides 2 scholarships to local schools and a small Tertiary Bursary:

Rutherford College: Alistair Morton Memorial Scholarship

To: A Year 12 student going on to Year 13
Why: In recognition of their achievements at school
What: To help with school fees, school costs for Year 13
Amount: $500
Awarded by: The School at Prizegiving

In 1970, one month after our Club was formed, the idea of a scholarship was floated and approved.

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In 2009 2 scholarships were presented to: Chelsea Robinson and Lisa Versteegan

In the following months money was set aside into a special account with the interest from this going to an award of $100 per year to a student at the school. Or $50 each to two students.

Over time the amount in the fund has grown and the annual award of $500 now goes to a Year 12 student to help with school costs in Year 13.

Rotarian Past President Alistair Morton:

Alistair was a founding and active member of our Rotary Club (originally named The Te Atatu Rotary Club). He was a staff member and Deputy Head at Rutherford College from 1962 until his retirement in 1989.

Alistair was a key person in the JR McKenzie Youth Trust and through this effort was recognized by the Trust by them presenting him an “Achievement Certificate”.

The Rutherford Scholarship was renamed in his memory after he passed away in 2000.

His main teaching subject was mathematics, although in the early years, it was expected that you showed strength and versatility in other teaching subjects.

Alistair always encouraged student participation in sports and cultural activities. Whenever there was an opportunity for outdoor education camps, Alistair could be relied upon to volunteer his skill. He recognised the social benefits and the improved self-confidence for the students who participated in such programmes.

During his 27 years at Rutherford, the school roll was as low as 154 in the early 1960’s up to 1,700 students in the 1970’s. He loved to meet up with past pupils of the college and in his role as Deputy Principal, such opportunities frequently arose.

Alistair was a keen gardener, he loved the outdoors; was a man of sound moral values, a warm heart and always showed genuine interest in educating students of his community.

Massey High: John Ritchie Memorial Scholarship

To: A Year 13 student:

Why: In recognition of their achievements at school

What: To help with further studies

Amount: $500

Awarded by: The School at Prizegiving

rotary-Massey High: John Ritchie Memorial Scholarship

Rotarian Past President John Ritchie
PHF + sapphire

John Ritchie, the owner of Ritchies Coachlines, passed away on 14th July 2010. John was a valued member of The Rotary Club of Waitakere City and this scholarship is in place to honour his memory.

John was born in Timaru and when he left school his first jobs were as a wool classer and later a sales rep. When he was 29 he and his brother inherited three buses based in Temuka from his Dad. Over the next 40 years they turned Ritchies into the largest bus and tourist coach fleet in New Zealand with over 900 buses.

John was very active in community affairs and was on the board of the West Auckland Hospice Trust; a sponsor of Rugby Clubs and also an active member and Past President of the Waitakere City Rotary Club (2003 to 2004).

He was awarded a Rotary Paul Harris Fellow Award and a Sapphire PHF Award for his work in the community and the Waitakere Enterprise organization inducted him into the West Auckland Business Hall of Fame as a business leader in 2009.

John with fellow Rotarians Bob Benzie and Kerry McMillan introduced the All American Soapbox Derby to West Auckland and Ritchies Coachlines sponsors the Massey High School entry into this race.

10th Anniversay Tertiary Education Award

History: This award was created in 1980 by then President Graeme Douglas. All Club members contributed to create a fund, the interest to be used to award one or more scholarships per year. The fund has been “topped up” over the years but the amount awarded depends on the prevailing interest rate – and how many students apply.

Purpose: The award shall be to assist a student (or students) at a New Zealand institution of tertiary education in full time study towards a degree, diploma or certificate recognized by New Zealand education authorities.

Eligibility: The award shall be made without regard to the sex, ethnic origin, religious affiliation or marital status of the student.

The student shall normally have been domiciled in the Te Atatu Rotary Club area for at least a period of one year prior to the award. (If the student is pursuing a course of study that necessitates living outside this area, then his (recognised) normal family home shall be within the area).

The student shall have successfully completed the First year of Full time study (or the equivalent of this if study has been part time).

The student shall apply on the form provided by the club before the 31st March in the year of the award.

The award (or awards) shall be of a monetary value decided each Rotary Year by the Club President and the Tertiary Education Award Committee. It is recommended that the total income from the invested capital be suitably awarded.

However the final decision on the number and value of awards is at the discretion of the responsible Club executives of that Rotary Year.

The Selection Committee may take into account the financial situation of the applicants, the availability of other monetary assistance (bursaries etc) or vacation employment.

The awardee need not be of the highest academic ability but should show that he/she is a competent student and by reason of this attitued to his work, diligence and general conduct that he/she is worthy of the award. Extra-curricular activites should be considered as well as academic record.

The Selection Committee may ask referees for a brief confidential report (verbal or written) on the canditates or may interview the candidates themselves.

Scholarship Winners

NOTE: This list is not complete. Some years an “oversight” meant the awards weren’t given out – and other years the names of the recipients are lost in the Club files. Updating it is an on-going project.


Alistair Morton - Rutherford

10th Anniversary
Tertiary Education Award

John Ritchie - Massey


Janine Soo Thow
2nd year
Bachelor of Health Science (Nursing)

Andy No


Suzanna Van Lier
4th year Midwifery student
AUT University


Chahat Chawla

Deborah Ngaro
3rd year student
Bachelor of Social Practice

Nikisha Bhagalia
BA / BSc


Amy George
BA Fashion Design


Rebecca O'Gorman


Sarah Gardner

Richard Maloy
2nd year student
B Design - Art, Photography

Kimberly Ramsay
4th year student
Auckland University

Karen Wikirishi
3rd year student
NZ Dip Business Studies

Sandra Wilson
2nd year student
NZ Dip Business Admin


Miss Khan Linh Tang

Joanna Hogan
2nd year student
BA Psychology Education
Auckland University

Sharon Rickard
3rd year student
BA Psychology /
Maori Studies
Auckland University

Jacinta Stanaway
1 year course
Cert in Business Computing

Mrs Theresa Stanaway
2nd year student
Diploma in Business Computing


Laura Smith

Murray Dahn
MA Level
Ancient History/
History of Art
Auckland University

Jennifer Wells
3rd year student
Carrington Polytech

Margaret Dudley
2nd year student
Auckland University


Paul Dean
2nd year student
BSc - Biology
Auckland University

Zane Harvey
2nd year student
Nursing Diploma
Carrington Polytech

Andrew Menzies
3rd year student
BSc -Geology
Auckland University

Tyrone Newson
2nd year
BE - Civil Engineering
Auckland University

Janine Raper
2nd year
BEd Early Childhood Education
College of Education

Cherie Trubuhovich
2nd year
BEd Primary teaching
College of Education

Lee-Ann Worters
3rd year
Diploma of Nursing
Carrington Polytech


Mrs Candy Cassidy
3rd year student
Nursing Course
Carrington Polytech

Mr Derek Bradley
2nd year student
Engineering School
Auckland University


Jennifer Morton


Dean Morrison

Ian Horner
Stephen Barclay
John Lynn


Lynda Chapman


Jacquelin Hargrave


Michelle Larkins


Ciny Cater
Michael Sharman


Betty Lemmens
Ino Kelderman

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