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Te Atatu Rotary Club: The Second Decade

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1980 to 1981

President: Peter Watson

Rotary Theme: Take Time to Serve

The President's objectives for the year were:

  • To develop futher the high standard of fellowship in the club
  • To achieve a higer degree of club involvement in the community
  • To increase membership
  • To support district projects where practicable and possible
  • To consolidate the finances of the club

<30 plus years later these objectives sound very familiar!>

Once again the Club were involved in many and varied local projects run by the Community committee. In the Annual report they list their special project as Sending twelve Birthright Children to the Kiwi Ranch Camp in Rotorua in January. 

The International committee sent a water pump to Mitiaro Island and books to Lautoko in Fiji.

The Fellowship committee organized one outing a month including a progressive dinner, an InterClub bowls night, tramps in the Waitakeres, a night out at the races at Alexandra Park Trots and a fishing trip on the Kaipara Harbour. Generally costs were kept low and where possible there was family involvement.

The Vocational committee organized a Harbour Bridge visit that was highly successful with almost all members in attendance. This committee also organized an essay competion between Rangeview and Te Atatu North Intermediate schools and a high school debate between Massey High and Rutherford College

1981 to 1982

President: Milan Kostanich

Rotary Theme: World Understanding and Peace

In the President's words: "Undoubtably the highlight of the year would have to be the Club's participation in and hosting of Handicamp"
<Several years later this camp was renamed the Challenge Camp - and the Club organized and ran it again>

The Beach Avenue beach project was completed with "drainage, top-soil addtion and levelling, and rock-facings have been carried out and the tables have been finished"

1982 to 1983

President: Graham May

Rotary Theme: Mankind is One - Build Bridges of Friendship Throughout the World

The Club continued with involvement in collecting for Crippled Children and support for the Blood Bank.

The annual report is missing and minutes brief. They appear to have had a great range of speakers and did something with wheelchairs (??)

1983 to 1984

President: Warren Osborne

Rotary Theme: Share Rotary - Serve People

The major project for the year was to build an outdoor recreation and Barbeque area at Waitakere Hospital for the use of patients and staff. This entailed digging out the area, putting in a concrete slab and brick walls and installing a 4 burner gas BBQ.

Amongst other many and varied projects were the donation of 2 sewing machines to the Salvation Army, a donation to the NZ Craftsman Foundation, donating a talking book machine to the Foundation for the blind and donating three resusitators to the St Johns Ambulance Edmonton Road Station ambulances. And the Beach Avenue project was, once again, "completed".

A very successful fundraiser was a dance at Mollers Barn.

Some of our Rotarians are happy to be Club Members; others take on other roles within Rotary.
Warren has also held the following positions within our District:

  • 1984 - 86 - "Handicamp" - now Rotary Challenge Camp Committee
  • 1986 - 87 - Chairman of Handicamp Committee
  • 1987 - 88 - IYE committee (Graham Hawkes was Chairman) 
  • 1988 - 92 - Chairman of IYE Committee
  • 1992 - 93 - DG Area Rep for DG Roger Manuel
  • 1993 - 98 - was on GSE, Alumni & Scholarships Committee
1984 to 1985

President: Ken Labrum

Rotary Theme: Discover a New World of Service

Various donations and activites were undertaken throughout the year.

The highly successful fundraiser for the year was a Caberet. The proft was used to purchase eight lazyboy chairs for the Children's Hospital

1985 to 1986

President: Graham Maddren

Rotary Theme: You Are the Key

Over $10,000 was raised and dontated to various causes - including a $2,000 donation to The Rotary Foundation. 

The main fundraiser for the year was a Christmas Variety Concert held at Waitakere College.

1986 to 1987

President: Rex Davy

Rotary Theme: Rotary Brings Hope

The Club participated, for the first time, in the South Pacific Student Exchange. Aaron Price from Massey High School attended Endeavour High School in Caringbah, Sydney for the first term. Anthony Lucas returned to NZ with Aaron and attended Massey High in the second term.
1987 to 1988

President: Jack Riddell

Rotary Theme: Rotarians - United in Service Dedicated to Peace

In this year the Club dontated a massive $16,000 to various programs - and $8,000 of this was to the new Polio Plus campaign.

A major fundraiser for the Polio challenge was a train trip to Maungaturoto

1988 to 1989

President: Robert Cawley

Rotary Theme: Put Life in Rotary - Your Life

$2,000 was donated to The Rotary Foundation.

Three Australian girls were hosted by the Club through the South Pacific Student Exchange.

Major fundraiser: "The West Auckland Mammoth Garage Sale"

1989 to 1990

President: David Butler

Rotary Theme: Enjoy Rotary

The 20th year was completed with many of the usual activities along with fixing exercycles for the YMCA Heart Rehabilition Group and providing 2 double and 2 single chairs for the Waitakere Hospital Day Room.

Once again there was a garage sale to raise funds and there was also a rather unique auction. Bryan Clarke from Henderson Rotary visited with a beef carcass and proceeded to carve it into meal-sized portions, explaining the different cuts as he butchered. These were then wrapped by a team of helpers and auctioned.

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