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Waitakere Rotary Club: The Fifth Decade

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2010 to 2011

President: Craiger Hargesheimer

Rotary Theme: Building Communities Bridging Continents

The big project for this year - in amongst all our normal other projects - was organizing the District 9910 / 9920 Challenge camp.

Fifteen Rotary International Youth Exchange Students were matched up with nineteen physically challenged local students - and sent to camp for 5 days of challenges and fun.

Many, many hours went into organizing this and it was loudly proclaimed as a huge success by all of those involved.

For futher details: Challenge Camp 2011

2010 was the Club's 40th Anniversary - celebrated with many of our former members at a party


Our major fundraiser was the 8th Annual Soapbox Derby

2011 to 2012

President: Craiger Hargesheimer

Rotary Theme: Reach Within To Embrace Humanity

This community garden in Massey was started by a local, Matt Harper.

Matt approached Rotary with help to install garden beds on a spare patch of Council land and this was started at the District 9910 conference in March.

Further garden beds were required and Waitakere Rotary became involved with donation of materials and a Rotary/Community working bee to install them. The Council have since supplied water to the site and last seen the plants were thriving.

More about this on our Community page

Our second major project was the dining hall, composting toilet and water tank at Orap School on Malekula Island in Vanuatu

Our major fundraiser was the 9th Annual Soapbox Derby

2012 to 2013

President: Heather Pattison

Rotary Theme:Peace Through Service

Our two major Community Projects this year were renovations of two significant buildings:

  • The Girl Guide Hall in Roby Street, Te Atatu and
  • The community owned Ranui Action Project (RAP) House in Ranui

Girl Guide Hall - Roby Street, Te AtatuThe Girl Guides' hall in Te Atatu was in need of major maintenance.
Prior to a full repaint rotten weatherboards needed replacing, screens needed rebuilding... and the list went on and on.
A Rotarian helped scope the work and with the invaluable assistance of a TTCF grant the building gained a new lease on life.


Ranui Action Project (RAP) House renovations

The RAP House was also in need of some major TLC. First step was a Rotary working bee to clear the jungle so the painters could paint the walls. This was followed by Rotarians renovating the inside.

Full details of both these projects are on our Community page


We also participated in many other projects - Rotary ones and Club ones. A list of these were included in an April Club bulletin.

Our major fundraiser was the 10th Annual Soapbox Derby


2013 to 2014

President: Sheena Spittle

Rotary Theme: Engage Rotary, Change Lives

President: Patrick Howard

Rotary Theme: Light Up Rotary

President: Patrick Howard

Rotary Theme: Be a Gift to the World

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