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SBD NZ Finals 2014

The NZ International SBD Trust holds the NZ Franchise to the All American Soapbox Derby races in New Zealand and currently 3 Rotary Clubs host the races.

Finalists from these local races compete again in the NZ Finals with the NZ Champion racing again in Akron, USA in the AASBD finals.

Info on each race - including results and photos where available - are below

MD Aluminium and Ritchies car ready to start

Mainfreight have been excellent sponsors of all the derbies for many years.

This year Baird's Mainfreight School ran with Auckland East at our Joint Derby

Waitakere Rotary SBD

Sunday 23rd March
Westgate Drive, Massey



Race Day Videos:

This year we have three videos of our Event:

  • Waitakere Primary Student Video (absolutely brilliant and well worth checking out!)

  • Bruce McLaren Parent Grant McKinnon Video

  • Rotaractor Lauren Simpson Video


Waitakere 2014 soapbox page

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Waitakere Rotary website (this site)
Enquiries to:

Auckland East Rotary SBD
Sunday 23rd March 2014
Westgate Drive, Massey



Auckland East Rotary Facebook

Auckland East Rotary website

Whangaparaoa SBD
Saturday 29h March 2014
Brightside Road, Stanmore Bay



Whangaparaoa SBD Facebook

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Whangaparaoa Rotary website

The Cars Ready to go

Mr Bean attempting an opening parade takeover

NZ SBD Finals

Sunday 30th March 2014
Brightside Road, Stanmore Bay



Tommy and Marilyn Waters

Tommy and Marilyn Waters
Our special guests from Akron, Ohio

Whangaparaoa Race Track:


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