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Our Projects

Every Rotary Club has 5 Avenues of Service:

  1. Club Service
  2. Community / Youth
  3. International
  4. Vocational
  5. New Generations (Youth)


  1. Our Club Service committee run the Club and make our membership and meetings an interesting part of our lives
  2. Our Community Service Committee attend to needs in our local community
  3. Our International Service committee are involved in projects in Vanuatu and other needs in our International Community
  4. Our Vocational Service committee encourage good ethical business practices amongst our Rotarians - and organizes an annual RYLA candidate
  5. Our Youth Service committee attend to needs in both our local and international community


As we undertake projects a few of the highlights are shown on our website under the different committees - often with more in-depth articles in our weekly newsletters.

Waitakere Rotary

Formed Since 1970

In the Community for the Community

Community/Waitakere: In the Community for the Community

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